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Camp Culture Team Registration

Our option for those looking to purchase Camp Culture for multiple team members.

Get your leadership and management team all on the same page, and let us do the major legwork of getting them up to speed and aligned in creating a thriving workplace culture for your organization.

Taking on shared learning and developing a common culture language is a brilliant way to transform your organization’s culture.

Participating team members will be able to take aligned action together utilizing the concepts, frameworks, tools and guidance they receive in Camp Culture.

All the value of the individual membership, but for your team!

“I have found your program very helpful. I have learned a lot about my personal leadership style and how I can impact others. I especially appreciate the workshops, and I think the format is great. I would definitely recommend this program.” – Rod

“Kris is so engaging and on point with her training. Having an external trainer leading discussions is always nerve-wracking as you cannot predict if your values truly align – we simply do not have that worry with Kris. Kris times the time to be open, preps on the teams she is supporting and makes sure that her feedback is truly meaningful for the group she is working with. She is direct, solution-focused, and finds a way to make culture a priority without losing all of the expectations of running the business. We really love working with her!” – Alexa

Team Pricing


1-7 Team Members       

$128.00 USD/Month/Person

8 to 24 Team Members

$118.00 USD/Month/Person

25+ Team Members   

$108.00 USD/Month/Person


1-7 Team Members       

$1280.00 USD/Year/Person

8-24 Team Members   

$1180.00 USD/Year/Person

25+ Team Members   

$1080.00 USD/Year/Person

No Stress Registration

Go to our Team Registration form below.

On the Form:

Step One

Complete the form below by submitting the first name, last name and email of each team member.

Step Two

An invoice for your team bundle purchase will be sent to the email you provide – to be paid upon receipt.

Step Three

Within the next 24 business hours, Camp Culture access emails will be sent to your team.

By submitting this form, you agree to be responsible for the payment that provides access to the team members whose names and emails you submit.  You will be charged on a monthly basis via a recurring invoice.

Please double-check and verify all information before submitting it.

Please keep us informed if you need to add a team member, remove one or switch one out.  Simply email us at [email protected] to make changes.  This registration is transferable within your organization. 

There are no “partial month” payments.  Your invoice will reflect the number of team members we have on record for your organization at the first of the month.

“Kris is amazing! Her program is packed with engaging, well researched, and useful information. As a business owner, I get many practical and useful ideas – more than just ideas – I get real action items. Some have made an immediate difference in my company, and others have allowed me to change our strategic direction to make a lasting and long-term difference for the happiness of my employees.” – Ron

“The most important aspect of Kris’s process was the constant support. She guided me through the process, providing tools and techniques to help achieve my goal of a better, more positive work environment. While she played a role in helping me resolve the conflicts within my department, she also left me with strategies to continue the progress that we started together.” – Nelson

A Clear Path to Success

We’ve been helping organizations – across a variety of industries – create extraordinary workplace cultures for over 10 years.

You can trust that we’ve done the research, we’ve applied the learning, and we’ve distilled down our discoveries to actions that will create for you the most progress in the shortest of time.

Where there are articles and training in abundance, nothing puts all the resources together in one place, organized in a clear step-by-step success path, like Camp Culture. You get what you need, when you need it.

There are 5 distinct stages. Starting from our first stage you’ll begin the process of building buy-in with your team and your leadership, and by the end of your journey you’ll be at the summit of workplace culture enjoying the camaraderie and consistency that every organization craves but very few ever achieve.

“I like how encouraging, friendly and honest people are… willing to acknowledge when there’s difficulties or barriers and that we can still work through. Love the progression for building belief and value for community and culture.” – Cassy

Hear From Other Leaders 

“Thank you for all of the many takeaways from your program! The material you provided was fresh-out of the box thinking with very “useable” tips to easily incorporate into our management style and employee culture. Each workshop had many, many items that I could incorporate personally as well as work with our managers to incorporate on an overall operations basis. Lots and lots of great ideas.” – Karen

“When I discovered Choose People and their dynamic curriculum it was an investment I knew we had to make for a mixture of 39  emerging and established leaders. If you are seeking grounded, effective and sensible tools in both management and leadership, look no further than Kris Boesch and Choose People. My only regret is that I didn’t discover Choose People years ago!” – Chris

“The teach, practice, apply and integrate approach Kris uses is a perfect fit for my team. My team has gained new insights into who they are as leaders as well as deepening and developing their competencies in leadership and management. The content is incredibly relevant. Well worth the investment.” – Stephanie

“I view our relationship with Choose People as the best investment in developing our company culture in 10 years. Kris has been indispensable to our organization and I would recommend her services if you are looking for culture improvement programs that require real, positive, consistent, and dependable results.” – Steve


A:  While you are paying for access, the team member owns the account, not the organization.  However the organization owns the number of seats registered and can transfer a seat to another team member should a team member change positions or leave the organization.

This assures that the member of Camp Culture can continue participating in the online academy if for any reason you stop purchasing for them.

A:  We do not provide a team account that an admin can review.  We do not share personal or submitted account information related to Camp Culture features and activities. This is part of our Privacy Policy.

However we do provide directors with a short guide – a Camp Culture Milestone Review – for each milestone to evaluate not only participation, but implementation.

We do this because we’ve found that conversations between directors and their managers are way more effective at evaluating if participants are actually implementing the learning – rather than just consuming the content and marking it as “complete.”  It’s the implementation that creates real deal progress.

A:  If you’d like access to the online academy, you’d include yourself as part of the participant count and team members submitted for access. Only those people directly submitted for access will be added.

There is not a functional area for which this program is most beneficial – it really is intended for those who are leading and managing teams – regardless of department.

A: We’ve heard from all three types of leaders in these stages of development that they’ve found Camp Culture’s content and guidance both powerful and applicable.
For those who are “high potential up and comers who are just starting to mentor others” we’ve heard that the program has been invaluable in guiding how to approach leadership and management as a whole.  They have really appreciated both the step by step guidance and resources as well as the timely support around navigating challenging situations with their teams.
For those who are “seasoned managers stretching to the next level” we’ve heard that the program has not only offered good reminders but new and innovative ways of looking at “people” challenges.  They have also appreciated having a “fresh” set of tools and resources to motivate and inspire their teams.  This group really values the opportunities to interact with fellow seasoned peers in the Facilitated Culture Masterminds – as well as sharing their wisdom with the more noviced “campers.”
For those who are “junior leaders who would benefit from foundational culture building blocks” we’ve heard the program has been really eye-opening and has created a critical foundation for their understanding not only of what culture is, but the nuts and bolts of what goes into generating and sustaining a culture that one can be proud of.  They also leverage the tangible, doable tools, guidance and resources.