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Camp Culture is a manager culture development online academy.  Camp Culture guides dedicated leaders and managers like you by providing resources to help you navigate challenging situations and build a positive, inclusive, high performance culture within your team.  

Regardless of where your culture is today – toxic, tolerable or “pretty good” – Camp Culture supports you every step of the way to create and sustain a thriving workplace culture! 

Because when we make work life better, we make life work better.

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Your Culture is Suffering if…

You have the experience of being stuck and mired in “people challenges” that are both time-consuming and draining.  There are days when it feels heavy, hard and you may even want to throw your hands up and just settle for a culture that’s “fine.”

What to look out for:

  • Your team members talk behind one another’s backs.
  • Your team doesn’t perform to expectations and is always behind on goals.
  • Your team doesn’t take ownership and isn’t proactively following through on tasks.
  • Your team talks about problems and not solutions.
  • Your team lacks confidence and is always second-guessing.
  • Your team lacks trust and is territorial.
  • Your team won’t let go of the past.
  • Your team is overwhelmed and burnt out.

Camp Culture will help you address these issues as so much more!

Through Your Participation In Camp Culture You Will Have:

Garnered buy-in from leadership and your team around work culture

Significantly improved team communication and stopped triangulation

Addressed character and competency concerns

Designed a clear decision-making map

Created a clear culture action plan

Conducted effective compelling meetings

Decreased overwhelm and increased completion of strategic priorities

Instilled empowering shared accountability

Integrated solution-oriented systems thinking and interdependency awareness

But above all else…

Camp Culture will give you the confidence to finally create and sustain a thriving cohesive team, and the courage to make the powerful leap from crisis management and mediocrity to giving yourself and your team an empowering context, where together you can truly feel good about coming to work.

A Clear Path to Success

We’ve been helping organizations – across a variety of industries – create extraordinary workplace cultures for over 10 years. We’ve done the research, we’ve applied the learning, and we’ve distilled down our discoveries to those actions that will provide you the most progress in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort.

Included in Camp Culture:

  • Monthly Core Culture Milestone Videos that progress through how to implement the foundational elements necessary to achieve success in every stage of your culture journey
  • Monthly Downloadable Tools and Resources that are tangible, actionable, and proven to help you apply and achieve each milestone and address all the most common culture challenges
  • Monthly Q&A(s), Live and Recorded to provide participants regular and exclusive access to renowned workplace culture expert Kris Boesch, with timely answers and support for your unique culture challenges
  • Monthly Live Facilitated Culture Masterminds on Zoom to deep dive on a current culture topic and then discuss, share and learn from your fellow campers experiences and wisdom
  • One-on-One Laser Culture Coaching Session(s) where on a monthly-basis members can submit any challenge. We’ll then select from the submissions to get direct one-on-one culture consulting time with Kris Boesch
  • Monthly Culture Champion Spotlight Session where a leader who has created a thriving culture and key content experts will be interviewed and will share their lessons learned and best practices
  • Exclusive Community access to our Camp Culture “Mess Hall” Private Facebook Group where dedicated leaders and managers just like you who are committed to creating a thriving culture share their triumphs and challenges

Learn. Take action. Make progress. Feel great. Repeat.


only $73/month

Why an Online Academy?

For over ten years, we have been conducting our year-long culture audits with teams across across a variety of industries – healthcare, accounting, manufacturing, education, government, construction, engineering, advertising, software…  

Here’s what we’ve learned: it takes consistent, intentional, meaningful action to transform a culture. 

That’s why this isn’t a one-time conference, training or workshop.

Also, while culture transformation doesn’t happen overnight, it does happen a lot quicker than a team would ever anticipate.  We know that when you follow our culture success journey, you will see significant visible improvement within a year.  An online academy allows Choose People to bring to you and your team the culture transformation you’re committed to at a fraction of the cost.  Our Culture Audit investment is in the tens of thousands of dollars. 

Here in Camp Culture, we can give you timely actionable guidance and tools that provide the most progress in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort for just $73/month. 

Why invest in culture now?

We spend more time at work than we do anywhere else in our lives and you, and your team, deserve to not only not be miserable, but to have work experience that brings you joy. This is why I say when we make work life better, we make life work better.

And NOW more than ever with everything going on in the world, think about it for a moment, workplaces are one of the LAST havens, one of the last places where we all GET to work together – regardless of our beliefs or opinions.

Don’t settle for misery. Don’t settle for less than thriving. Remember, you spend 2000 hours of your life every single year at work.  If you have a team of 8, you’re in charge of 16,000 hours of human contribution. As a dedicated leader, choose your people and join us in Camp Culture.

You don’t have to spend a bunch of money to have a thriving culture.

The most significant changes you can make have absolutely nothing to do with salaries, perks or incentives.

As a matter of fact the most impactful culture steps you can take are minimal in cost. Expensive parties, complicated incentive programs, day-long retreats and all those high resource initiatives actually create very little return all on their own.

If you’ve ever attempted to implement one of these and it fell flat, know that what you do daily is what ultimately makes the difference.  Intentional, thoughtful, consistent, weekly action creates and sustains a thriving culture.

Think of the cost of losing one of your best people.  Think of the cost of spending time on “people challenges.”  Think of the cost of low performance, negative attitudes, apathy and resignation.  Now, that’s expensive.

Right now, for just $73/month, you can receive all the expertise, support, guidance, tools and resources you need to take meaningful and powerful consistent action to create a cohesive thriving team.

That’s less than the cost of a pizza party for your team!

It’s Not As Hard As You Think

For many people culture is complex, but it isn’t hard to transform when you know exactly where to start and how to move forward. There are several key culture leverage points that when you put in a little bit of effort you cause powerful shifts.

At Camp Culture we will guide you through those exponential opportunities. Help you stay on the path and even if you veer off course, we will be there to help you get back on track as fast and painlessly as possible.

Culture Doesn’t Require a lot of Time

Really. In less than two hours a week you can create and sustain an exceptional culture. What culture does require is consistent weekly attention and action – that’s why at Camp Culture you will receive clarity on how and where to focus your efforts and spend your time to make the biggest impact with your team.

We promise that if you follow through on the milestones we provide you that in less than a year you will make significant visible progress towards creating a thriving cohesive team.

You’re Not Special

Well, actually YOU are but your culture challenges aren’t. What we can tell you is that people are people.

Having done this work for over a decade, everything we provide in Camp Culture has worked across a variety of workforces – manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, government, higher education, retail, senior living.

With that said, we know there will be times when you run into specific culture challenges,
Camp Culture is here to provide timely support through our Q&As with Kris and the Private Mess Hall Facebook group.

What Our Clients Say

“Thank you for all of the many takeaways from your program! The material you provide is
fresh-out of the box thinking with very “useable” tips to easily incorporate into our
management style and employee culture. Each workshop had many, many items that I could
incorporate personally as well as work with our managers to incorporate on an overall
operations basis. Lots and lots of great ideas.”

– Karen Goedert, Resort Manager

“Kris is amazing! Camp Culture is packed with engaging, well researched and useful information. As a business owner, I get many practical and useful ideas – more than just ideas – I get real action items. Some have made an immediate difference in my company, and others have allowed me to change our strategic direction to make a lasting and long-term difference for the
happiness of my employees.”

– Ron Zasadinski, Business Owner

“The most important aspect of Kris’s process is the constant support. She guides me through the process, providing tools and techniques to help achieve my goal of a better, more positive work environment. While she helps me resolve the conflicts within my department, she also leaves me with strategies to continue the progress.”

– Nelson Greenlee, Operations Manager

“I find your program very helpful. I have learned a lot about my personal leadership style and how I can impact others. I especially appreciate the workshops, and I think the format is great. I would definitely recommend this program.”

– Rod Schafer, Delivery Market Manager

Professional Development

Being culturally savvy is one of the most desirable skill sets any leader can acquire.  Knowing how to create a culture that causes team camaraderie and remarkable results is invaluable in ANY work environment.   Your capacity to demonstrate that you know how to bring a team together and support them in working together seamlessly will not only be acknowledged but admired.

If you want to take your professional development to the next level, Camp Culture is your ticket to success.


only $73/month

Purchase Camp Culture for Your Team

Looking to purchase Camp Culture for your leadership team or for your management team or both?

Taking on shared learning and developing a common culture language is a brilliant way
to transform your organization’s culture. Participating team members will be able to take
aligned action together utilizing the concepts, frameworks, tools and guidance they receive in
Camp Culture.

To purchase Camp Culture for multiple team members in your organization,
click here. Team bundle discounts available for teams of 8 or more.

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“You’re Fully Covered” 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try Camp Culture for a Full 14 Days, 100% Risk Free

We promise that if you follow through on the milestones we provide you that in less than a year you will make significant visible progress towards creating a thriving cohesive team.

If you are unhappy with the Camp Culture experience during the first 2 weeks, email us at any time during the first 14 days, and we’ll immediately send you a prompt and courteous refund.

Please note, you will be grandfathered in at your monthly rate, and as long as you’re a member in good standing, we will never increase your rate.

You can cancel at any time.


A:  I’ll be totally upfront with you.  Yes, there’s a significant amount we’re going to ask you to learn and implement inside of Camp Culture.  Yes, it’ll probably be a little uncomfortable at times.

But here’s the thing…as long as you’re willing to invest 100 minutes every week – that’s 20-minutes/day, less than two hours week, and you reach out for help every time you get stuck, you can absolutely do this.

You’ve probably noticed by now that a thriving workplace culture doesn’t just happen.  It takes intentionality and consistent thoughtful attention.  If you’re reading this, I’m sure you actually want to put in the effort.  You just want to make absolutely sure that every amount of effort you invest will move you closer to your goal.

And that’s my promise to you.  You’ll never waste your time and energy, and you’ll always feel like everything you’re doing is bringing you one step closer to creating and sustaining a thriving cohesive culture.

A:  Both.

Over our ten years of doing this work, we’ve supported brand new “green” managers who are looking to garner credibility with their team and gain clarity on how to create a thriving culture.  We’ve also worked with seasoned managers who have years of experience leading teams and supported them with solving complex culture challenges as well as implementing those small tweaks that make a big difference.

Dedication and commitment to learning and development are really the only common denominators needed to be successful in this work.

The milestones in Camp Culture will make no assumptions of your current skill level as it relates to culture work and we will map out the entire A-Z process of creating and sustaining a thriving cohesive culture for your team.  At times we will provide additional “Stage 1 guidance” and “Stage 4 guidance” for the action steps as we know participants are coming in from a variety of different backgrounds, various levels of expertise and varied current culture experiences.

A: Absolutely.

Here’s what we know – many organizations are in the zone of “meh, okay, fine, good, pretty good” when it comes to their culture.  Meaning it’s not toxic – yay!  And it’s not thriving.

Pretty good is pretty good.  And you could choose to be content with pretty good.  Many organizations are.

But stop for a moment and imagine what it would be like to come to work and have the experience of THRIVING – where real deal smiles and laughter are common, morale is high, and everything just “clicks.”  There’s ease, velocity and confidence in how the work gets done – and your team accomplishes remarkable results with high fives.  It’s just a whole different world than “pretty good.”  Think of the last time you ate a meal that was “pretty good” as compared to one that made your mouth sing.  It’s two totally different experiences.

Here’s what else I know, we currently have campers who already have a thriving culture that have joined Camp Culture.  Why? Because they know the importance of sustaining what they’ve created.  Culture is not a one and done.  Just like the champion basketball player practices dribbling, you have to consistently and intentionally nurture your culture – practicing and reinforcing the fundamentals as well as keeping it fresh and innovative.

A: Yes. There are three ways you can get your questions answered by Kris.

Kris will conduct a Live Q&A in the members only exclusive Facebook group.  You can submit your questions at any time to be answered in the next Live Q&A.  (Every Q&A is recorded so don’t worry if you can’t make them all.)

In addition, you will be a part of an active and highly supportive Facebook community full of peers who are on the exact same journey as you are.  Meaning, you will always be able to find an answer to your questions. Kris will also be active in this community several times per week.

Also as a benefit of Camp Culture, we encourage you to submit your complex culture challenges for a one-on-one Fireside Chat, laser coaching session with Kris.  Each month we will choose several submissions.  Kris will then dig in and specifically support you in what you’re up against.

A:  Absolutely not.

I totally understand the frustration of only getting “one piece of the puzzle” at a time, only to find out your actual results are dependent on the “next thing.”  I also recognize that you don’t have the time or energy to be pulled down an endless rabbit hole.  Rest assured, there will be no “carrot dangling” here.

It’s literally all here.  Everything you need to develop your confidence, capacity and courage as a leader to create and sustain a thriving workplace culture for your team is right here inside of Camp Culture.

If your goal is to completely shift your entire organization’s culture, then consider purchasing Camp Culture for your entire leadership and management teams.

If your goal is to sharpen your HR processes (think employee handbook, healthcare evaluation, market compensation comparisons, regulatory alignment) then you may choose to invest in another program to help you in that arena.  While we do walk you through how to be culturally-savvy throughout the employment life cycle of a team member (from hiring to performance reviews to compensation conversations to dismissal with dignity), we don’t delve into the transactional HR processes nor regulations.  We highly recommend leaning on your expert HR people to support you in these areas!

But if your goal is to lead a cohesive team that can tackle any challenge with confidence and enthusiasm – then everything you need is on the other side of this page.

A: When you join, you’ll get immediate access to the orientation milestone where you’ll dig into the 5 stages of Culture Success Journey.  Here you’ll also discover which stage you’re in and we’ll provide you with 3 specific bite-size actions for your stage that you can take on right now to make progress.  This milestone also sets you up for success as it gives you the “lay of the land” so you know how to easily access all the benefits of the online academy.

From there, you’ll be given access to one milestone per month so that you have ample time to dive into the milestone content and implementation action steps before moving onto the next milestone.

We do this to protect your time, attention, and focus while sparing you from the intense overwhelm that stops most people who are deep diving into culture work.

A: On average, it will take you less than two hours a week.

Each monthly milestone consists of a training video that’s about 10-minutes long and then three resources to implement that milestone.  These range in time commitment, though are intended to take you about 3 hours/month.  Then we highly recommend participating in the Facebook Mess Hall group at least once a week and seeing the best practices of your peers as well as sharing your thoughts and suggestions around challenges and questions that fellow campers share.

The Live Q&As are an hour long and recorded.  The Facilitated Culture Masterminds are 90-minutes.  Fireside chats (laser one-one-one coaching) vary in time, but tend to be a half hour to an hour.  Culture Champion Spotlights are about an hour long and recorded.

My best advice is to plan out your month, schedule it in your calendar (we provide a recommended calendar) and then take it one week at a time.

We’ve streamlined and simplified the entire process so that step-by-step you can make consistent progress and reach the summit without feeling like you need to catch your breath.

A: Because Camp Culture is an online academy and not a workshop, there’s no specific “end date.” We intentionally created an online academy to ongoingly support leaders and managers in taking consistent weekly actions to nurture their team’s culture.

With that said, know that there are 15 months of milestone content.  This content follows the clear path of our Culture Success Journey which consists of 5 stages.  Each stage has 3 milestones and one milestone is delivered each month.  Each milestone includes 3 specific steps and tools/resources to implement that milestone.

Upon completion of these 15 milestones, you will receive a Camp Culture Certificate of Completion.  Once you’ve completed the milestones, you may choose to stay on as an alumni and continue to benefit from all the other ongoing resources, support and community of Camp Culture.

A:  While the core content is not customized for your specific team’s needs – it will arm you with the skills to create and sustain a thriving workplace culture for your team – visibly improving both morale and performance.

What is customized, and would address the specifics that your team faces, are the twice monthly Live Q&As where you can submit and ask questions regarding your specific challenges.  You also have an opportunity to be selected for one of our “Fireside Chat” one-on-one coaching sessions, and you can always get timely responses to your questions inside our Members-Only Facebook Community “Mess Hall.”