Located in five beautiful homes on the west side of Denver, Applewood Our House provides assisted living for those in need of memory care. They are a committed team of 60 and growing!

For the past year, Applewood Our House has been focusing on creating an extraordinary workplace culture while simultaneously expanding to their fifth location.  Both efforts have been a wild success.  Since focusing on creating an extraordinary workplace culture, Applewood Our House has been consistently dedicated to:


  • Creating a rigorous hiring process and only hiring those caregivers who align with their character and competency expectations
  • Creating a stable consistent team made of high-quality, caring team members
  • Welcoming and supporting new caregivers with extensive onboarding and training
  • Kind, candid and constructive communication throughout the entire organization
  • Dismissing with dignity those who are not a good culture fit
  • Seeking caregiver suggestions and promptly addressing any concerns

Here’s a few quotes from caregivers and team members:

“This company is more like a family. Other companies treat you like if you are nobody. This company makes you feel like you matter. Also, the care and attention provided for the residents is outstanding. In other assisted living facilities, they are just a number. Here they are a person that matters to us.”

“I absolutely love my job, it’s very rewarding to me.  And I love the purpose and commitment of Applewood.  They believe in their employees and support them in their careers.  This is a family-oriented heartfelt company.”

“Applewood is the best place to work.  When a workplace respects its staff you know that the residents are well cared for.  Of all the companies I have worked for, this one not only cares for its residents but their families right along with them.  Having the whole family experience is fantastic.”

“I am very happy to work in a company like this and literally let everyone know how wonderful it is to work for someone who shares the same values.  I also love my co-workers!”

GOOOOO Applewood Our House for being committed to and creating an extraordinary workplace culture that recruits and retains top talent in this industry!

Their website: www.applewoodourhouse.com

Career opportunities: http://applewoodourhouse.com/careers/

Culture Tip:

Here’s what it means to be a Choose People Certified Company: https://choosepeople.com/certification/