Located in the heart of Denver’s RiNo Arts District, you will find Booyah Advertising.  A committed team of 47 and growing!  Troy Lerner, the CEO, gets the business case, as well as the emotional case for workplace culture: “Could it be any more obvious? We’re in the business of organizing human experts and putting them to work on client problems.  When our people aren’t happy, or worse, when they leave, it has tremendous impact on our bottom line and our ability to attract new customers. Not to mention, it’s just a total downer to come to work when the staff doesn’t feel like a team. Why live that way?”

Why live that way indeed.

Since focusing on taking their culture to the “next level,” Booyah has expanded on what was working and addressed what wasn’t.  And in the last 12 months, they have been consistently dedicated to:

  • Hiring friendly, supportive, smart, dedicated people
  • Welcoming and supporting new coordinators with training and mentoring
  • Trusting and providing autonomy to the people they’ve hired
  • Regular, honest conversations about what’s working and not working
  • Celebrating what’s working and addressing what’s not
  • Transparency around challenges
  • Clear high expectations partnered with a commitment to learning and continuous improvement
  • Creating opportunities for both personal and professional growth
  • Garnering innovative, interesting and challenging work

Booyah Team

Here’s a few compelling thoughts from individuals on their team:

I appreciate being treated like a human instead of just a seat in a desk. My boss is incredible when it comes to conflict resolution and creating cohesion on the team. We all work together well and that makes coming to work so much easier every day. I feel as though my boss truly does care about me and each of us on the team. I feel as though I am being challenged in my work and have grown and learned a great deal since working here.”

“Employees are given real, impactful work to do from day one and are expected to grow and learn quickly to be a strong force within the organization. It is refreshing to have team members and managers place trust in employees and give them the opportunity to take on diverse responsibilities on a daily basis. You are encouraged to give your best even if that means making mistakes. Booyah provides an atmosphere to learn, grow, and continue to do better.”

“I have good people around me but I also have complete autonomy, so I don’t have to worry about what someone is going to think about my work every day. I spent enough time doing that and I’m glad that I have the trust and support that I have at BOOYAH.”

GOOOOO Booyah on having an extraordinary workplace culture!

Their website:

Career opportunities: www.booyahadvertising/careers/

Culture Tip: “Booyah: And How to Open Up the Conversation”

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