8 locations, Headquartered out of Minneapolis, MN

Having scored in the top 10% of companies for company culture, Global Tax Network is a Choose People Certified Company!

We had the pleasure of working on site with this entire team at their annual conference, and it was impressive to see how their commitment to one another and to their clients is central to everything they do. To experience their candor, willingness and ability to address tough issues was simply inspirational. They truly live a culture of improvement – constantly striving to be better than who they are today.

Their extraordinary company culture can best be described by the words of their employees:

“GTN does it right! We only add the right people and put them in the right positions to succeed. GTN has created a truly entrepreneurial atmosphere from top to bottom. The opportunity is right there for you to seize it. The great people added to that opportunity makes for an incredible place to work and grow your career.”

“GTN is a great place to work because they trust their employees and give them flexibility without micro managing. The people at GTN are not above jumping in to get the work done. It doesn’t matter what level you are, people are willing to do what is necessary to get a project completed.”

“There is a contagious positive energy in this firm and it starts from the top.”

“You can tell that everyone truly CARES about the company and each other – no matter how new or old you are to the company, everyone is willing to take the time to get to know you and help you along the way.”

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Career Opportunities: Careers at Global Tax Network

Culture Tip: “Global Tax Network – Choose People Certified! And part of their secret sauce…”

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