SpatialKey’s unique culture is built on autonomy, mastery and purpose (inspired by Daniel Pink’s book Drive) – all three are given to (and expected of) SpatialKey employees. “We see these three things as imperatives to our success,” comments Tom Link, CEO. “At every level, we strive to be independent masters at our craft with clear goals to deliver superb products to our clients.”

As SpatialKey grows, everyone takes this calling seriously, ensuring they maintain a healthy, productive environment, filled with ambition, innovation and mutual respect. “We’re growing responsibly and deliberately. Every decision about who to hire, what to build, and how to grow is made with a deep concern for how to build a strong cohesive team and a healthy culture over the long term.” says Doug McCune, Technical Director of Product.

“SpatialKey is very different from the larger companies I’ve worked for,” says Steven Diomampo, Development Manager, “it’s a place where anyone can voice an idea, concern, or ridiculous joke and be heard and accepted. That kind of feeling inspires me to do my best work and be my best self.” Client Services Director Rick Vissering agrees, “Working on a team like this is unlike anything I’ve experienced in my career – everyone has an equal seat at the table, working with creative freedom to the benefit of satisfied clients and an unrivaled product.”

At the end of the day, though, they know how to have fun. “I’ve never worked with a group of people quite like the SpatialKey team. I laugh (often out loud) at work multiple times a day. Even in the toughest situations, we always find a way to pull together and pitch in. Often, we can look back at the sticky circumstance as a learning experience and see challenges as catalysts for growth. Even in our remote work environment, we can always pop in to chat and laugh, something I truly value and admire about our culture” says Rebecca Morris, Director of Product Management.

Fun, supportive and inspired – what more could a team ask for?

SpatialKey is a computer software company known for transforming data into actionable intelligence. They are an international virtual team of 21 and growing!

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