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Implement the Culture Works System and Embrace the Benefits.

When you uplevel your company culture from “meh” to “hell yeah!” with our innovative Culture Works System, everyone wins. Your leaders win. Your employees win. Your customers win. And, your bottom line wins.

Winning on all those fronts sounds great, right? But now you’re wondering, “How do we make it happen?”

Start with your leaders and managers

When your management and leadership teams practice and consistently apply the concepts and tools needed to create and sustain an extraordinary workplace culture, a few things will happen:

  • Mediocre productivity ignites into “on-fire” aligned action.
  • The corrosive “Us vs. Them” mentality transforms into powerful team cohesion and camaraderie.
  • Drama and gossip become kind, candid and constructive communication.
  • Apathy and entitlement turn into commitment.
  • Silos become well-oiled, unified fronts.
  • Scapegoats and bad attitudes become a thing of the past.
  • Painful turnover transforms into retention of top talent.

Sound fluffy?

Think again. There’s research that backs the Culture Works System as well as years of success working with organizations from all different industries – from construction, engineering and government to retail, healthcare and education – to create emotionally healthy, productive workplace cultures.

And don’t think we’re talking about a system of employee rewards and gimmicks. Those don’t work. We’re talking about a system that creates lasting, meaningful change, where team members are “all in” and where your organization’s common goals are shared by all.

Help Me Improve Our Culture Today

Continue reading below to learn how it works.

How it works:

When you invest in our innovative system, it looks like this:

  • Your leaders and managers each receive the highly regarded Culture Works Book and Workbook Set that contain mindset shifts as well as step-by-step activities and tools they can implement right away.
  • Your leaders and managers receive access to exclusive, online, on-demand content with strategies and activities that complement the book and workbook. This online content includes engaging short videos featuring motivation and insights from Kris Boesch.
  • Your leaders and managers work through and learn how to create an incredible culture together – regularly discussing and sharing their successes, insights and challenges.  The experience of learning and working together towards a common goal, while simultaneously gaining shared language, concepts and tools, makes for powerful culture-creating goodness in and of itself.  Leadership teams align and camaraderie grows as the very people who lead your front-lines unite.
  • When you or your team gets stuck, you can reach out directly to Kris Boesch for guidance. That’s right. You can ask Kris to weigh in on your most pressing culture challenges and she will respond with a meaningful answer tailored for your particular situation.
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Let’s Compare Overall Costs

When we created the Culture Works System, we not only wanted provide access to teams to create an extraordinary workplace culture, we also wanted it to be accessible and affordable for large and small organizations alike.  Here’s the math:

The Culture Works System Avg Employee Training for 2017*
Program costs/person $388 ($199 Set + $189 System) $1,075 *Source: TrainingMag
Cost for a Team of 10 $3,880 $10,750

The comparison above does not take into account any sort of travel. If leaders and managers travel for training, costs increase significantly. An average three-day business trip for one person, including meals, ground transportation, hotels and airfare costs $1413 according to Executive Travel. For a team of 10, that adds a whopping $14,130 to overall training costs.

The Culture Works System, however, comes to you. No expensive travel involved and lots of impact.

At $388 per person for the complete system – you can start implementing new culture building practices from the get go and feel the impact sooner rather than later.

But wait. Let’s compare that cost to your cost of turnover. When you lose one of your best people, those estimated costs range from 1-3 times that person’s salary.  And, you know, that if it’s one of your best people, there’s more than just the monetary cost. Team morale takes a hit and all of that person’s knowledge goes down the drain as well.

So really, from a financial return on investment standpoint, this is a no-brainer.  From an emotional return on investment standpoint, this shows significant commitment to your team. You prove you’re the type of leader who cares – one who wants your team empowered and working in a culture that encourages true teamwork – as well as in a place where, most days, they look forward to coming to work.

Why not start today?

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