Tools & Resources for Management & Leadership Development

Looking to transform your company culture…

from “meh” to “hell yeah!”  The Culture Works Program, is based on over 1000 hours of research conducted in collaboration with Colorado State University. This easy-to-follow, yet in-depth, workplace culture training program creates lasting, meaningful, measurable change within your team.  To uplevel your entire organization, have your leadership and management teams dive into this shared experiential learning experience.

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Looking to develop the character and competency of your leaders…

Develop your current and potential leaders on the mindset, awareness and competencies they need to lead with our robust Character & Competency Leadership Development Program.  A leader must possess both character and competency to garner the respect and trust that is needed to genuinely influence others. Participants learn not only what a leader’s character traits and competencies are, but also how to practice, apply and integrate these into their daily way of being and thinking.

Advance Your Team’s Leadership Acumen

Looking to give your managers the right tools…

Our Management Competency Training gives new managers tangible and innovative guidance on the fundamentals while providing more seasoned managers with an opportunity to get back to the basics, sharpen their skills and try on culturally creative concepts. In addition to the workshops, this program provides excellent tangible how-to tools a manager can turn to depending on the situation at hand.

Elevate Your Team’s Management Expertise

We’re looking to bring our team together.

If you’re looking to unify and build camaraderie and collaboration amongst your team, we’ve got you covered. It doesn’t matter if you have a team that’s been together for quite some time or if you’re merging two organizations, our customizable team building retreats build lasting relationships.

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Ready to create a roadmap for strategic aligned action?

Customized based on your organization’s needs, we design and facilitate a strategic planning experience that creates alignment of priorities and clarity of next-step action for your team.  We funnel from the big picture strategy all the way down to individual weekly implementation – so your team leaves inspired and clear on next steps to hit the ground running.

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