Strategic Planning & Organizational Development Consulting

Is your entire team rowing with fervor in the right direction?

  • Or are some simply along for the ride (dare we say – dead weight)?
  • Or are some rowing really hard – but in the wrong direction?
  • Or are some tempted to throw down an anchor in frustration?
  • Or are there a bunch of new rowers who are trying to learn the rhythm?
  • Or does it feel like a daily grind instead of an exciting endeavor?

Consider a retreat to efficiently tackle anything that’s messing with your team’s rowing mojo!

Choose People will design and facilitate a retreat customized for your needs and your team. Potential topics that can be included depending on what you want to accomplish:

  • Annual Strategic Planning
  • Creating Meaningful Mission, Vision and Values
  • Appreciative Inquiry: Learning from Current Successes
  • Taking on Challenges & Obstacles
  • Streamlining Simple Strong Systems
  • Meaningful Goals & Accountability
  • Creating a Profit Plan
  • Team Building & a Roadmap for Effective Collaboration
  • Learning and Practicing Kind, Candid and Constructive Communication
  • Innovation, Creation & Expansion
  • Defining and Clarifying the Decision Map

Logistics are determined once we define what needs to be accomplished.


“Thank you for your leadership Kris. That was a great retreat and an outcome that far exceeded my expectations.”  Bob Flynn, Co-OwnerGreen Ride

“We have an unwieldy and opinionated team at times, and there is no one else I have seen work so effectively with our group. Kris was able to garner complete trust and commitment from my team, even the naysayers. Today, because of Kris’ expertise, our team is solidly in alignment with clear expectations and a renewed sense of commitment.” Tracy Mead, Executive Director, ELTC

“Great retreat! I really liked the way it turned out. The participation was really strong and the content we created will go a long way.” Chris Pullen, CEO, RLE Technologies