The Effects of Positivity in the Workplace & Improving Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement ROI Calculator

Find out the ROI of a happy company using our Employee Engagement ROI calculator.

Here’s how the calculations work in a nutshell: If you have a $40K annual salaried employee and if they are unhappy they will cost you an additional $38K to your bottom-line.  If this same employee was happy, however, they would contribute $21K more to the bottom-line.  This shows a total spread of $59K or a 1.5 multiple of their salary. And, these numbers are on the conservative side.

You could be throwing away $230 per unhappy employee every single work day.

How the numbers add up:

  • Lower Turnover
  • Easier Recruitment
  • Better Customer Satisfaction – 14%
  • Higher Efficiencies – 22%
  • Fewer Sick Days – 28.4%
  • Fewer Mistakes – 26%
  • Fewer Lawsuits
  • Reduction of Brain Drain on Fellow Employees

Improve your bottom line

Boosting your organizations’s culture can directly improve your bottom line. This downloadable document outlines the ROI of a Happy Employee and includes the research that supports these numbers.

And, you can also use our free Employee Engagement ROI Calculator below to get a quick snapshot of how your company currently performs. Just fill out the calculator and watch the numbers as they change.