The Effects of Positivity in the Workplace & Improving Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement ROI Calculator

Find out the ROI of a happy company using our Employee Engagement ROI calculator.

Here’s how the calculations work in a nutshell: If you have a $40K annual salaried employee and if they are unhappy they will cost you an additional $38K to your bottom-line.  If this same employee was happy, however, they would contribute $21K more to the bottom-line.  This shows a total spread of $59K or a 1.5 multiple of their salary. And, these numbers are on the conservative side.

You could be throwing away $230 per unhappy employee every single work day.

How the numbers add up:

  • Lower Turnover
  • Easier Recruitment
  • Better Customer Satisfaction – 14%
  • Higher Efficiencies – 22%
  • Fewer Sick Days – 28.4%
  • Fewer Mistakes – 26%
  • Fewer Lawsuits
  • Reduction of Brain Drain on Fellow Employees
Increase the Sum

Improve your bottom line

Boosting your organizations’s culture can directly improve your bottom line. This downloadable document outlines the ROI of a Happy Employee and includes the research that supports these numbers.

And, you can also use our free Employee Engagement ROI Calculator below to get a quick snapshot of how your company currently performs. Just fill out the calculator and watch the numbers as they change.

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