How’s your company culture?

Maybe you know you need a lot of help. Maybe you know you only need a little, that your culture’s okay but could use some tweaks. And hey, maybe you’re not sure and you’re simply trying to figure things out. All of these are perfectly fine with us. We have a variety of options from “Do it Yourself” to “All Hands on Deck.”

For starters, if you’re not exactly sure where you’re at with company culture, we suggest heading over and taking our 1-10 Litmus Test. It takes a minute or so and will give you a rough idea of where you are and where to focus your attention.

If you already know where you’re at, head on down the page and find the services you need.

Our company culture is good, but could be better…

Upgrade your company culture from “pretty good” to “hell yeah!” Designed for companies like yours, The Culture Works System, is based on over 1000 hours of research conducted in collaboration with Colorado State University. This affordable, easy-to-follow, yet in-depth workplace culture training program creates lasting, meaningful, measurable change.

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While we’re not ready for the complete system, we still want to kick start our culture.

The Culture Works Book and Workbook are intentionally how-to books and are the foundation of The Culture Works System.  We designed the book, and system, specifically for those who lead others – managers, directors and above. The rest is pretty straight forward. You and your leadership team agree on a chapter to read. You then implement a key concept with your own team and see how it goes. At an agreed upon date and time, you get back together with your colleagues and share how it went. You learn with and from one other.

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Our company needs quite a bit of help.

When people come to us believing their company needs a lot of help, we start with our Company Culture Audit. We walk you through a 5 Step process that transforms the ambiguity and abstractness of “culture change” into an actionable roadmap.

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We need to get everyone heading in the same direction.

Based on your company’s needs, we’ll design and facilitate an Alignment and Action Retreat to get your team moving in the same direction and focused on the right things. We offer a variety of topics that can be included in your retreat. Click below to learn more.

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We need to bring our team together.

If you’re looking to unify and build camaraderie and collaboration amongst your team, we’ve got you covered. It doesn’t matter if you have a team that’s been together for quite some time or if you’re merging two organizations, our customizable team building retreats build lasting relationships.

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The conflict at our company is tearing us apart. We need help.

When left unchecked, soul sucking conflict destroys workplace cultures. But let’s remember, at the center of this conflict are everyday people. People with egos, hurt feelings, misunderstandings, expectations, assumptions and/or fear. When we address these people as people during our Mediation process we help repair relationships and resolve conflict. Learn more about the process by clicking the button below.

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We need to help develop our leaders and future leaders.

Train your current leaders and potential leaders on the mindset, awareness and competencies they need to lead with our Character & Competency Leadership Development program.

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We need to give our managers the right tools.

With our Management Competency Training program, we provide your new and seasoned managers tangible tools, innovative guidance and culturally creative concepts on the fundamentals in order to help improve your company culture.

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