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Umbrella of Services:

Weekly Culture Tips – Free weekly bite size brilliance to upgrade your culture.

Culture Works Book, Workbook and Book Club – This tactical how-to triad provides your leadership and management teams with doable, down-to-earth steps to create an extraordinary workplace culture.

Company Culture Audit – 5 Step Process when you’re truly ready to create an extraordinary workplace culture.

Culture Workshops & Trainings – Meaningful, culture transforming content and conversations for your team, management and leadership.

Alignment & Action Retreats – Concentrated context to get your team on the same page rowing in the same direction while singing the same fight song.

Conflict Resolution & Relationship Repair – Mediation of your toughest of workplace struggles – between individuals and/or between departments.

Character & Competency Leadership Development – Training your potentials on the mindset, awareness and competencies needed to lead.

Management Training – Providing your managers tangible tools, innovative guidance and culturally creative concepts on the fundamentals.

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