A Positive Work Environment Through Mediation

When left unchecked, soul-sucking conflict destroys workplace cultures.

Perhaps there’s conflict between your top two producers or between two key departments.  Drama ensues… shouting, finger-pointing, spitballs over cubicles or passive-aggressive undermining, politics, gossip, and insinuating e-mails.  The rest of the team takes sides or simply tries to stay out of the way.

At the center of this conflict are everyday people.  People with egos, hurt feelings, misunderstandings, expectations, assumptions, and fear.

The Magic of the Mediation Process

We don’t guarantee “Kumbaya,” however there’s always clarity and progress.

  • The unsaid gets said.
  • The heart of the matter is uncovered.
  • Specific events are unpacked.
  • Baggage is addressed.
  • Misunderstandings are cleared.
  • Mindset is made conscious.
  • Behavior and impact is owned.
  • Needs are outlined.
  • Apologies are requested.
  • Forgiveness is given.
  • A new context is created.
  • Commitments are made.


“The most important aspect of Kris’s process was the constant support. More than simply diagnosing problems and leaving me to figure out solutions, she guided me through the process, providing tools and techniques to help achieve my goal of a better, more positive work environment. While she played an active role in helping me resolve the conflicts within my department, she also left me with strategies to continue the progress that we started together.”

Nelson Greenlee, Operations Manager at Green Ride