Program Upgrade + Workbook Already Own Book

Program Upgrade + Workbook Already Own Book


The Culture Works Program equips your leaders and managers with a proven, cost-effective culture improvement system.

$715 per person

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The Culture Works Program is anchored by the Culture Works Book. If you do not already own the book, you will need the complete Culture Works Program.

The Culture Works Program is an integrated, tactical program for leaders and managers designed to systematically improve workplace culture and reap the rewards of happy employees. Using your existing Culture Works Book, you’ll get the best of online learning combined with hands-on activities to support your team. Upgrading to the Culture Works Program adds the following to your workplace culture efforts:

Culture Works Workbook: THE hands-on resource for integrating the concepts and tools from the Culture Works Book and implementing meaningful shifts in your workplace culture.

24/7 Online Guide & Resources: Unlimited access to highlight videos, additional concepts, tools and activities to complement each chapter. Provides a framework to guide your team from kickoff to completion.

Management Team Building & Development: Internal-led learning program designed to give your leadership team the tools and knowledge they need for long-lasting, real-deal culture change.

Expert Support: Eight months of access to timely guidance from world-renowned culture expert Kris Boesch when you run into culture challenges or opportunities along the way.

Improve your workplace culture, improve your bottom line — put the Culture Works Program to work for your business today.

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