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This is what many of your employees are wondering.

The Executive Team as a grand brilliant plan for 20XX filled with strategies and goals.  And they are ready to lead the charge!!!! (Heads held high, looking into the horizon with looks of determination and excitement backed by multiple exclamation points!!!! of importance)

And everyone else, well they’re a little lost.

They’re glad someone’s excited, they’re just not sure how they fit in – how they fit into “The Vision for 20XX!!!!”

First before answering how they fit in, answer why would they want to fit in/buy in?   Inspire and motivate the rest of the team that didn’t participate in the decision making process of the new direction of the company by including them.  Include them by informing them and answer the following:

  • What were our successes last year?  Our weaknesses? Our learnings?
  • What were the possible strategies considered for 20XX?
  • Why were the ones that were ultimately chosen chosen?
  • How were the goals determined?
  • Is there a priority to the goals, or are they all equally important?
  • If we achieve the goals or don’t achieve the goals, what does that mean for the company?  for my department? for me?
  • How do I fit in?  What do I need to do starting today to help the company achieve it’s goals?

Second align their everyday work.  How are they supposed to tangibly help achieve this grand vision?  There is a powerful free tool that makes it crystal clear for employees to see the vision AND see their individual role in it.   It’s called the Gazelle’s One Page Business Plan.  And if thoughtfully and thoroughly created, it creates tremendous clarity, alignment and accountability.  You can download it and the instructions for free:

One Page Business Plan: – select strategy and then choose the second option – Updated: Strategy: One Page Strategic Plan


You’ll see it’s actually two pages.  And it powerfully marries big picture strategy on one page with company and individual implementation on the other.  It funnels from Core Values/Purpose all the way down to each individuals’ KPIs and priorities for the quarter.  It makes the master plan succinct and digestible for every employee in the company.

So if you wonder why everyone isn’t getting on board (it’s January 3rd already people!), or why their excitement doesn’t match yours, first inform and second align with tangible action.

Now you can lead the charge! (with only one exclamation point, because now everyone has their own to add – so much more authentic, rewarding and feasible)

Wishing everyone an extraordinary 2012 🙂

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