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1) Disrupt traditions that have lost their oomph.
•  Ditch the “ho hum,” recently described to me as “the annual company jacket” that is no longer a gift but an expectation. The road to entitlement is filled with good expectations.
•  And I’m not saying find a different version of the same thing, rather than thinking outside the box, find a whole different box.
•  Consider doing more one-off events, gatherings, giftings.
•  Go for the unexpected – being pleasantly surprised goes a long way.
•  *Caveat – disruption can disappoint if it’s not communicated as to why you’re causing the disruption. “We wanted to let everyone know we’re no longer providing an annual company jacket. Not because we want you to be cold. And not because we’re trying to “cut back.” It just seems like something people aren’t really excited about, and we want to give in a way that will bring a sparkle to your eye and a smile to your face. If we’re gravely mistaken on the joy you receive from the annual jacket, please let us know.”
•  If you have A LOT of employees come up with sad dog eyes asking to “bring it back,” then bring it back. What was taken for granted is now appreciated.

2) Make employees aware of ALL the different benefits/perks of working in your company.

•  In your next all company meeting, ask employees all the different benefits that they have access to as a result of working in your company. Write them on a flip chart.
•  Prior to the meeting, make your own list, count it all – not just healthcare, dental etc. – count things like half day Fridays or flexible schedules, gourmet coffee and real cream, bus passes, and Charlotte’s ridiculously delicious chocolate cake.
•  Chances are employees will name 40% of the items on your list. Why only 40%? Because chances are they take the other 60% for granted. This gives you an opportunity to name the other 60%, allowing for that “ahhhhhh, I hadn’t thought about that” look.
•  And they might add one or two to your list that you hadn’t thought of!

*Just make sure you do not mention compensation, or a paycheck, as a benefit since it’s not (and neither is simply “having a job.”)

Bonus: And a reminder that’s been good for me as of late, be the change you want to see and practice gratitude.

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