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About Kris Boesch

Kris Boesch is the CEO and Founder of Choose People, a company that transforms company cultures, increases employee happiness and boosts the bottom-line. The Choose People 360° Culture Audit is based on over 1000 hours of research Boesch conducted with the Industrial Organizational Psychology Department at Colorado State University. She is also the author of Culture Works: How to Create Happiness in the Workplace. Prior to Choose People, Boesch was the CEO of Exodus Moving & Storage. Under her leadership Exodus became the largest mover in Northern Colorado with a turnover rate nearly 40% less than the industry average and a bottom line twice that same average. Kris is also a proud mother, dancing diva and dog lover.

Culture Hack: Increase Your Team’s Morale in 90 Seconds

Morale informs your team’s confidence, enthusiasm and discipline.  Morale is the energetic context within which they get the work done.

Let’s say you look around your office and it’s feeling a bit sluggish, meh or ho hum.  How can you quickly change that energy force field?

Surprise your team and put on some music.

Depend Read more >

3 Ways to Cultivate “Withness”*

I’m with you.

Not above, not below.

Not next to, not nearby.

Not across, but with.

I’m with you.

“Withness” is core to meaningful camaraderie – that secret ingredient to the secret sauce of an extraordinary workplace culture.

What would it look like to engage, explore and witness your co-workers?

Those people with whom Read more >

Tricky Titles: 8 Key Considerations

Many managers wonder what to do about titles and their team’s desire to climb the proverbial ladder. Here are 8 key considerations…

  1. The reason titles are so tricky is because they feed into people’s identity and sense of self-worth. They also are often (incorrectly) connected with compensation.  Compensation sh Read more >

Retention: Imperative First Impressions

You are being watched, compared and judged.  Your team is being evaluated.

It’s your new hire’s first day, first week, first month.  This is an extremely impressionable time.

While they are looking to impress and fit in, they are also trying to get a read on the unwritten rules of your workplace.  They are evaluating whether they made the rig Read more >

Quick Easy Way to Evaluate Commitment, Silence Is Not Always Golden

Ever been at a meeting where you asked your team if they agreed or were on board?  You likely got a vigorous nod, a few half nods, several stares, someone who looked at their phone…and then you went on to the next topic, time’s a wastin’.

You now have an expectation that everyone will follow through on the decision, agreement, or action item. Da Read more >

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