Leadership and Management Skills

Leadership and Management Skills are the perspectives, reasoning skills, and evidence-gathering capacities needed to encourage, inspire, and motivate a team to perform at their highest levels.

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    A Way Forward In The Midst Of Turmoil

    Two Things You Can Do As A Leader Right Now We’ve been knocked down, the ten count is almost done and it’s time to rise. With Coronavirus, we’ve been face down on the mat for 3 long months wondering, waiting, hoping, and trying to figure out what this pandemic means for our future. Arising in this uncertainty, is a historic social movement that is Read more >

  • Dealing with Stress and Uncertainty

    Dealing with Stress and Uncertainty

    7 Ways to Support Your Team's Mindset I don’t pretend to know exactly what to do right now – especially as each team’s situation varies widely.  And I know a few things about people, and you know a lot of things about your people. Dealing with the stress and uncertainty of the Coronavirus itself can be stressful.  With that said, here are 7 Ways t Read more >

  • What Would Grandma Betty Do?

    She’s 90. My husband’s Grandma Betty is 90. And today we’re in Cabo San Lucas celebrating her - a woman whose family absolutely adores her.  At 80 she got her first (and only) tattoo.  At 86 her grin spread wide while she rode on an inner tube behind a speed boat.  A couple years ago she gave all 43 of her grandkids a coffee mug with her face Read more >

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