Leadership and Management Skills

Leadership and Management Skills are the perspectives, reasoning skills, and evidence-gathering capacities needed to encourage, inspire, and motivate a team to perform at their highest levels.

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    A Way Forward In The Midst Of Turmoil

    Two Things You Can Do As A Leader Right Now We’ve been knocked down, the ten count is almost done and it’s time to rise. With Coronavirus, we’ve been face down on the mat for 3 long months wondering, waiting, hoping, and trying to figure out what this pandemic means for our future. Arising in this uncertainty, is a historic social movement that is Read more >

  • What Would Grandma Betty Do?

    She’s 90. My husband’s Grandma Betty is 90. And today we’re in Cabo San Lucas celebrating her - a woman whose family absolutely adores her.  At 80 she got her first (and only) tattoo.  At 86 her grin spread wide while she rode on an inner tube behind a speed boat.  A couple years ago she gave all 43 of her grandkids a coffee mug with her face Read more >

  • How to Manage Up

      Get clear on the concern or opportunity you see and what you’re committed to. What specifically are you concerned about?  Regarding this concern, do you have specific examples/instances from your own experience that you can point to?  What outcome are you looking to create by managing up that would make a real difference for your manager, y Read more >

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