Organizational Culture Management

The process of Organizational Culture Management is the standards by which communication, management, and the workday as a whole operate in support of creating consistency and unity.

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  • How a Closing Ceremony Sets Your Team up for Success

    How a Closing Ceremony Sets Your Team up for Success  Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end, as the old quote (or ‘90s rock song) goes. As true as that may be, most of us don’t take the time to mark the end of a project or cycle as we blaze to the next. (That’s especially true at the end of the year, when holiday vacations and Read more >

  • 7 Simple Bite-Size Steps to Restore Joy & Vitality

    Are you (or your team) burning out? Do you feel good at the end of the day? Are you as productive as you used to be? Are you excited about your work? If the answer (for you or your team) is no, you’re likely struggling with burnout. But I have good news for you: you’re not alone. Studies typically report 50%-65% feel burned out right now—and 80% f Read more >

  • Do Your People Feel Appreciated?

    Do your people feel appreciated? If you haven’t praised them for doing good work in the last week, they likely don’t, according to Gallup’s extensive Q12 research.  We all know that feeling seen and recognized for your work is critical to success. As Forbes columnist Todd Nordstrom points out, there are “massive amounts of data that undeniably pro Read more >

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