Organizational Culture Management

The process of Organizational Culture Management is the standards by which communication, management, and the workday as a whole operate in support of creating consistency and unity.

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  • Culture Council

    How to Launch a Successful Culture Council

    What is a Culture Council A Culture Council is an empowered group of committed team members from across the organization that advises leadership with curated recommendations to improve workplace culture. Who should be on your Culture Council To get your culture committee off the ground, first, select the person from the leadership team who is most Read more >

  • Go from Transactional to Transformational in One Step

    I was making a deposit at my bank last week when the teller, who I don’t know, asked me if she could ask me a question, one to which she’s in the discovery of answering for herself. I said yes and she followed with, “What makes life valuable?” I paused.  We then engaged in a 10-minute conversation that was a bit awkward and quite interesting.  Read more >

  • How to Handle Difficult Customers and Support a Positive Company Culture

    Few things will undermine your positive company culture efforts - and bring a team member’s morale down faster - than not knowing how to handle a difficult customer.  Empower your team in how to handle difficult customers by giving them these five pointers:  Clarify customer expectations and expectations of customers from the very beginning of Read more >

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