Organizational Culture Management

The process of Organizational Culture Management is the standards by which communication, management, and the workday as a whole operate in support of creating consistency and unity.

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  • Culture Council

    How to Launch a Successful Culture Council

    What is a Culture Council A Culture Council is an empowered group of committed team members from across the organization that advises leadership with curated recommendations to improve workplace culture. Read more >

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  • Go from Transactional to Transformational in One Step

    I was making a deposit at my bank last week when the teller, who I don’t know, asked me if she could ask me a question, one to which she’s in the discovery of answering for herself. I said yes and she followed with, “What makes life valuable?” I paused.  We then engaged in a 10-minute conversation that was a bit awkward and quite interesting.  Read more >

  • How to Handle Difficult Customers and Support a Positive Company Culture

    Few things will undermine your positive company culture efforts - and bring a team member’s morale down faster - than not knowing how to handle a difficult customer.  Empower your team in how to handle difficult customers by giving them these five pointers:  Clarify customer expectations and expectations of customers from the very beginning of Read more >

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