Organizational Development Process

An Organizational Development Process is rules and agreements an organization maintains for scaling how work is completed, the quality of results, and the confidence work can be completed with.

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  • I was told “don’t share this with anyone.”

    If you’re in a position of authority and you tell one of your team members, “don’t share this with anyone,” thin ice magically appears below your feet as well as theirs. You have just created a precarious predicament.  Both of you are implicated – you in sharing and them in knowing. Asking a team member to withhold information from other team Read more >

  • Can Your Compensation Pass the Printer Test?

      Nanci Meadows, the People Champion of Hubb (an event management software company out of Vancouver, WA), recently shared their compensation printer test. Here’s the printer test: If a copy of everyone’s compensation was left on the printer and anyone in the company found it, how would you react? If you would blurt out profanity, be nervous, Read more >

  • Human's Hand Placing Wooden Block

    How to Close the Knowing/Doing Gap

      Awareness without aligned action doesn’t matter. Insight without impact doesn’t matter. Intention without follow-through doesn’t matter. You can discuss.  You can plan.  You can hope, wait, evaluate, wonder, discover, ponder, consider. And none of it matters without in the world, tangible action that results in an experience for you, your t Read more >

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