Recruitment and Retention Strategies

Recruitment and Retention Strategies are the methods by which an organization builds a reputation of trustworthiness, performance, and influence by the means in which they operate any workforce.

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  • Stop Fearing Your People Will Leave

      Why?  Because they will.  Some day they will find a better opportunity, and when they do, be proud you were part of their journey and celebrate their commitment to playing even bigger. In the meantime, here’s what to do until they leave:  invest in them. Coach, mentor, advise, guide, support and encourage their development. Get to know them Read more >

  • Can Your Compensation Pass the Printer Test?

      Nanci Meadows, the People Champion of Hubb (an event management software company out of Vancouver, WA), recently shared their compensation printer test. Here’s the printer test: If a copy of everyone’s compensation was left on the printer and anyone in the company found it, how would you react? If you would blurt out profanity, be nervous, Read more >

  • Disruptive Questions to Ask in Your Next One-on-One

      If your one-on-one meetings are in a rut, lackluster or uninspiring – pick two of the below to add to the mix.  And remember – be fully present and listen like there’s no one else in the world, and nowhere else you’d rather be. What’s your dream? What lights you up? What’s your favorite recipe of your grandmother? What are the conditions th Read more >

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