Team Relationship Building

Team Relationship Building is the management of shared activities, perspectives, and recognitions that support camaraderie in a workplace effort that is shared and acted on as a singular effort.

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  • Dealing with Stress and Uncertainty

    Dealing with Stress and Uncertainty

    7 Ways to Support Your Team's Mindset I don’t pretend to know exactly what to do right now – especially as each team’s situation varies widely.  And I know a few things about people, and you know a lot of things about your people. Dealing with the stress and uncertainty of the Coronavirus itself can be stressful.  With that said, here are 7 Ways t Read more >

  • I was told “don’t share this with anyone.”

    If you’re in a position of authority and you tell one of your team members, “don’t share this with anyone,” thin ice magically appears below your feet as well as theirs. You have just created a precarious predicament.  Both of you are implicated – you in sharing and them in knowing. Asking a team member to withhold information from other team Read more >

  • What Would Grandma Betty Do?

    She’s 90. My husband’s Grandma Betty is 90. And today we’re in Cabo San Lucas celebrating her - a woman whose family absolutely adores her.  At 80 she got her first (and only) tattoo.  At 86 her grin spread wide while she rode on an inner tube behind a speed boat.  A couple years ago she gave all 43 of her grandkids a coffee mug with her face Read more >

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