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Employee Happiness & Positivity in the Workplace

Clear actions and perspectives you can use to help your employee experience be one of joy and resourcefulness rather than conflict and digging in heels.

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Employee Happiness & Positivity in the Workplace, Recruitment and Retention Strategies|

What's it worth to you to work in a company where you feel good about coming to work? Grab a pen and paper and find out. Calculate how much each of these is worth to you on an annual basis:

  1. Doing work that contributes to the success of your company (knowing what you do makes a difference)
  2. Working for a company that helps society through its product/service/contributions
  3. Enjoying the people you work with
  4. Being genuinely appreciated for your hard work
  5. Working in a workplace where you trust the people you work with and know that you are trusted
  6. Working in a workplace where you respect the people you work with and know you are respected
  7. Being "in the know" of what's going on within your company
  8. Knowing that if you need to occasionally take care of a loved one who's sick you can without repercussions or sideways glances
  9. Having a manager or supervisor you respect, can count on and who's fair
  10. Knowing you have control over how to get your work done
  11. Working where there's truly transparency, open communication and where feedback is not only heard, but taken seriously

Now add it up. How much?

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