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These huge elephants plague workplaces and make things way harder than they need to be. 

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5 More Questions to Support Workplace Team Building

Team Building Ideas, Team Relationship Building|

Napkin Sketch of Bench Culture Champions, As you know, for ten years I’ve been creating emotional intimacy and camaraderie in a variety of workplaces.  I’m now also in the creation of a project to create emotional intimacy in public places – I’m creating the place and the space to remember our shared humanity. There’s one critical piece of the p Read more >

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Top 3 Ways on How to Work with Millennials

Team Building Ideas, Team Relationship Building|

“We love our millennials!”  I heard this from two companies this week.  This had me smile from ear to ear.  It would seem the tide is turning.  Companies are starting to get how to work with millennials. For those who aren’t – they’re still stuck.  Stuck in ageism and assumptions based on generational stereotypes.  Asking biased questions like, “W Read more >

Why Nice Teams Finish Last

Organizational Culture Management, Team Building Ideas|

My brother-in-law recently got a job in retail sales of satellite TV.  Here’s a psychological trick he was taught – ask the nice young couple who has stepped into the big box store to follow you, and as you ask, turnaround and walk away with your back towards them.  Invariably they will follow you even if they have no interest in what you’re sellin Read more >

Critical to Your Team’s Culture: Equal Air Time

Organizational Culture Management, Team Building Ideas|

In researching what makes successful teams, Google’s “Project Aristotle” found psychological safety was key.  A group norm that supports psychological safety is  “equality in distribution of conversational turn-taking.”  Meaning, everyone has more or less equal air-time by the end of the day.  “If only one person or a small group spoke all the time Read more >

When Play Informs How We Work

Organizational Development Process, Team Building Ideas|

Play is one of the first arenas in which we learn how to work with others.   Share, take turns and don’t pinch.  (It took me a while to get that last one.) Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a PlayWorks event.  PlayWorks exists to create safe, happy and healthy play at elementary school recess. As I was listening, I was thinking about how i Read more >

Best Team Building Activity EVER

Team Building Ideas, Team Relationship Building|

Best Team Building Activity EVER I promise, no trust falls.  No charades.  Instead, social super glue. Any good team building exercise feeds the desire to be known, to matter and to be included by uncovering and learning more about: One another Interdependence and reliance on one another’s contributions Common ground and shared identity As long as Read more >

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