Yesterday the special guest coordinator of “The Balancing Act” – a morning talk show on Lifetime called me.  And while we had a lovely conversation full of excitement and synergy, at the end of the call he said, alas, right now it’s not a fit.


Because Choose People just launched.  We don’t have a whole long list of companies who are Certified Choose People companies – YET.

So the audience of Lifetime – Chief Household Officers, as described by the coordinator, do not have an immediate way to buy goods and services from Choose People Certified Companies.

However they do have two other ways they can make a difference – right NOW.

1)  Pledge to be a Choose People Person – meaning commit that all things being equal, as a consumer, you would choose a Choose People Company made product/service over a non-Choose People Company product/service.  This you can do simply by going to  This tells companies that YOU care how employees are treated – that people feel good about coming to work.  Because you know that how employees show up at work, speaks volumes about how they are going to show up at home as spouses, parents, and citizens.  Happiness is contagious.

2) Nominate a company you think has happy These are the companies that need to receive Choose People recognition so they have the support of consumer dollars, and can thus hire more happy employees!  Let’s support companies who are doing the right thing – thus creating more of them!

Socially conscientious purchase power has the ability to form and guide our economy and all the lives it touches.  Come be part of the Choose People consumer revolution!

Choose People Certified Companies coming to a community near you 🙂