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It’s time for Choose People to scale and we are creating our dream team.

Please pass the below opportunity on to anyone you know who would be a great fit and let them know to send their info promptly to [email protected] as we’re looking to make a decision soon.

As far as a Culture Tip – we often get asked about how we structure our job postings – here you go, live and in living color!  The structure is outlined at the bottom of this post…

Communications Coordinator/Executive Assistant

Play a pivotal role while experiencing a joyful culture, meaningful work, and flexibility!

We are looking for a full-time Communications Coordinator/Executive Assistant – AKA “Magic Maker.”  This role is pivotal to scaling our workplace culture consultancy and achieving our vision of shifting the national conversation around work from one of misery to one of joy.

We exist to expand joy in the workplace.

From a competency standpoint, here’s what it takes to rock this role:

  • Build and sustain repeatable administrative processes and systems
  • Build and sustain repeatable marketing systems (ex. drip campaigns)
  • Ability to work with velocity and accuracy
  • Comfort and willingness to learn the basics of, and work within, various technology platforms*
  • Logistics coordination
  • Flexibility and adaptability to the work needs of the week
  • Ease, clarity and responsiveness around all types of communication
  • Resourceful and able to work through and resolve problems

Examples of technology platforms include:

WordPress, MyEmma, LearnDash, WooCommerce, Dropbox, Quickbooks, Photoshop

From a character standpoint, overall who you need to:

  • Be high-energy, go-getter, make-it-happen, get ‘er done
  • Believe in people and our shared humanity
  • Be kind, candid and constructive in your communication
  • Be committed – bringing perseverance and grit
  • Have a positive outlook – uplifting and playful
  • LOVE checking strategic items off the list
  • Choose progress over perfectionism


  • At least a two-year commitment if it’s a good fit
  • While helpful, no experience is required in the technology platforms – though MUST be comfortable with (and even enjoy) learning new technology – training provided
  • Demonstration of your ability to accomplish and complete a variety of tasks with both velocity and an overall attitude of confidence and ease (we’ve got this!)
  • Thoughtful cover letter
  • This is primarily an on-site opportunity (not remote)

Please do not apply if: You’re high strung and often experience overwhelm; don’t enjoy technology, or only want to focus on a few tasks.  Also, no Eeyores 😉


  • Starting salary $35-$45K depending on skill level and experience
  • Optional health insurance stipend available
  • Paid week off between Christmas and New Year’s + 10 days of paid vacation
  • 7 holidays paid
  • Flexibility with schedule
  • No promised bonuses, and we believe in sharing the prosperity
  • Possibility of bringing your dog to work
  • FYI – this is primarily an onsite role (not remote) and our primary office is located in southeast Denver

How to create a great job posting to get the right candidates:

  1. State exactly what you want and what you don’t want
  2. Your job posting language should reflect the culture of your organization
  3. Specify both the competency and character needs of the role
  4. Define the pay range and be clear about health insurance
  5. Request an additional effort/hurdle that lets you know if a candidate is truly interested in the role (note the cover letter request)

Here’s to creating your dream team!

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