Alexa’s Angels is our newest addition to the list of Choose People Certified Companies.  Please give them a huge round of applause as on average only 1 in 5 companies are able to meet our criteria!  This company is an incredible powerhouse of 11 employees.  Based out of Windsor, CO, Alexa’s Angels knows what it takes to create a rockin’ employee culture.

They’re growth and success over the past few years has been tremendous, and they know that a key ingredient to their success has been their employees and the culture that surrounds them.  Alexa’s Angels designs and creates giftable, meaningful, inspirational jewelry than can be purchased directly from their website or through stores across the country –

If you’re a small business, pay close attention.  A lot of small businesses either don’t know to take the time and energy to focus on employee culture or simply believe they don’t have the time and energy to focus for employee culture – that strategic employee stuff is only for big companies right?  Wrong.

A strong employee culture that can grow with the company is one of the most competitive advantages a small business can have.  When you’re small, you’re nimble.  You can make changes within your organization quicker and easier than a large company that has inertia to overcome.  And when you’re small, each employee is full on the face of your company.  You want those faces to be smiling 🙂

Choose People works with companies that have 10 or more employees.  We can grow with you from 10-10,000+ employees!