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Employee satisfaction.  Employee engagement.  That’s part of what I’m here to find out here at the Green Business Conference in San Francisco.

(I should preface this blog to say that I have deep gratitude for those businesses who take the green challenge on – especially after my difficult experience as a business owner of converting our moving company trucks to use used veggie oil.)

Triple bottom line has been the buzz word these days – People, Planet and Profit.  Green companies whose mission is to provide environmentally friendly services and products have their success grounded in Planet and Profit.  How do they acheive the People piece?

I understand that part of the People piece is simply acheived by making the air we breathe cleaner, the landfills less full and the continued beauty around us possible.  Green business has the potential to positively impact the community at large tremendously.   And in this way you could say the People aspect of the triple bottom line is acheived.

However, I still wonder, if the internal People – the employees – at green focused companies are any more happy than employees working at non-green focused companies.   Or if the average is about the same.

I want green companies to have happy employees, heck I want ALL companies to have happy employees – because I see a movement in our country where we all get smarter as businesses and businesses thrive.  In order to thrive we have to have happier employees and not just because we are throwing money and benefits at them.  Not to mention, it’s simply the right thing to do – because when you make work better, you make the world better.

So now to find out…. green businesses get Planet, but do they also get employees?  And for those that do, what are their nuggets of wisdom?

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