When leaders are focused on the bottom-line, on the almighty $ dollar, so is everyone else who works for them.

Employees know when the company’s primary focus is money and not people, they need to take care of themselves.  They need to watch their back and look out for #1.  This of course creates a “what’s in it for me” culture and oftentimes a culture of distrust.  And when employees follow this type of company culture and focus on the almighty $ dollar, they are constantly looking for ways to make more of it – via a raise, promotion, benefit etc.

Notice the irony?

Company focuses on bigger bottomline=distrust=higher employee expenses=smaller bottomline.

So how do you start creating a culture where employees ask “what’s best for the company?”  This can only start to happen once employees identify as part of the company.  They know that what’s best for the company is also what’s best for them.

In order to identify with the company, employees need to both trust and believe in the leaders desire to also do what’s best for everyone involved.

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