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Employee engagement is that ever elusive infamous HR buzz word defined by experts in a multitude of ways.  Employee satisfaction is another concept that seems to flow like sand through ones fingers – one minute you seem to have it, and the next you don’t.

Unfortunately neither of these terms truly captures the essence of what we think we really want – Engaged AND Satisfied employees.  Because it is very possible to have an unsatisfied engaged employee (a somewhat dangerous prospect) or an unengaged satisfied employee (an expensive prospect.)

And yet is this what we really want?

Let me ask you, who wants to simply be “satisfied?”  Do you want your customers to be “satisfied?”  No, you want them to be thrilled! delighted! enchanted! with your product or service.  So why are we willing to settle for “satisfied” employees – yuck.  Even the word “engaged” is a little dubious.  What about thrilled! delighted! enchanted! employees?  Imagine how their “engagement” would look – they wouldn’t just be “engaged” – they would be involved, collaborative, and creative.  Heck, they’d even be excited.  Imagine that – if we wanted to acheive EXCITED employees!

Choose People measures “Do your employees feel good about coming to work?”  So yes, we didn’t go for EXCITED.  We wanted to, but that will probably be the Web 5.0 version.  First we need to get everyone up to speed to at least “feel good” – which is definitely better than “satisfied” which sounds like that horrible response to “How are you doing?”  – (flatliner) “Fine.”

EXCITED here we come!

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