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I love e-mail.  Really I do.  So easy, so efficient.

But easy and efficient doesn’t get you employee engagement in this case and oftentimes doesn’t get you effective communication.

E-mail has often led to confusion – the opposite of effective communication.  And it can be confusion of content or confusion of intention – both are frustrating and the second can be downright damaging.

A good rule of thumb is to use e-mail to inform, FYI, gain simple answers, or set dates/times.  Have Face to Face to conversations to discuss, ask questions, create and relate.

A quick face to face conversation – 5 minutes – maybe 10 – is all it takes to have a real deal meaningful exchange of ideas.

Making eye contact is powerful.  Body language is super informing.  And so much more is conveyed.

And you get to connect.  You get to engage in a personable way, creating a relationship through conversation.

So take the time to have face to face conversations – it will save you what matters in the long run – your people.

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