“Because as a consumer I love getting great customer service and I believe that if more companies were more People Focused  there would be better levels of customer service which would make consumers happier and they would be more inclined to brag about that customer service which would get more people spending money which would get our economy moving again! It s all about People!” Laurie Taylor (CEO of FlashPoint and recent Choose People Pledger)

Well isn’t that the truth.  When are we most likely to go out and make an unexpected purchase?  When our friend or family has convinced us that they have found THE thing, person or service that we have GOT to get because their experience was so incredible they didn’t know how they lived without XYZ in the first place.

Happy employees often equal happy customers. 

Think about restaurants for a moment.  How often have we heard the disgusting and gross horror stories of the disgruntled cook or waitperson who put some “added” goodness in someone’s dish.  I hate to go there.  But really, it’s important.  How an employee feels in the workplace makes a measurable impact on customer service or production, and hence on the success of a company.

In many ways it’s a no brainer.  As a consumer, chances are the service you receive from a company where employees feel good about coming to work will be a positive one – because they are in a positive place.  The product you buy from a similar company, will be one of quality because a company whose employees feel good about coming to work, will often carry that goodness throughout everything they do – including their product.

So when you purchase a product or service from a Choose People company, not only will you be supporting employee satisfaction, but you will most likely be getting a better product or service!

Down with the recession, up with the employee!