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It’s here – the fourth quarter.  The last push to finish 2012 strong and to start 2013 on the right foot.

So take a deep breath.  And before you run full speed ahead, ask yourself:

Do we have everything we need to make the most of the next 90 days?

  • Are we all in alignment – clear and energized around the goals we need to achieve and how to get there
  • Are there any major obstacles we’re ignoring and hoping will go away?
  • Are our processes weighing us down and getting in the way of mission critical efficiency?

If you have everything you need, then go get ’em tiger!

But if you’re not sure, or you know there are some major barriers to get from here to there, or maybe “there” isn’t well defined, then I would like to recommend the following:  get out of the office.

As soon as possible.

Perhaps just you.  More likely you along with your leadership team and in some cases, your entire staff.  And have a strategic retreat.  Take 4-8 hours to make the other 712 hours of this quarter meaningful.  Set your company up for the powerful combination of incredible results and a winning culture in 2013.

Here are the 3 Keys to a Successful Retreat:

      • Clarity of Purpose: you have to be clear on why you are having this retreat.  What is mission-critical that must be addressed and prioritize.<br>
      • Detailed Design & Planning: The design needs to accomplish the desired purpose.  This is a unique opportunity where every minute counts, so make the most of them.  Also be aware of what can be realistically accomplished in the time frame you’ve allotted.<br>
      • An Experienced Facilitator: Choose someone who can facilitate the various personalities and emotions in the room. Someone who isn’t afraid to address the “elephants and obstacles” – and can do so not only directly, but with a savvy that allows for everyone to leave feeling empowered.  And someone who can keep participants on the same page so that meaningful results are generated as well as commitment to action and next steps.

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