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#3) When you made the wrong hiring choice, fire quickly. 

Nobody likes to fire anybody.  Firing is one of THE most brutal jobs of leadership.  I know. 

And yet it is critical to the positive atmosphere of your company that when someone doesn’t cut the mustard either work-wise or personality-wise that they are let go – ASAP.  The longer you wait, the more miserable your team is and the less they believe in you as a leader. 

When you fire someone who doesn’t cut it, it reinforces a message of respect for those who remain.  You respect what they bring to the table, hence why they get to stay on the team.  You don’t allow sub standard folks to play, only rockstars. 

(YES, some folks deserve a second chance and an opportunity to improve – I’m not heartless. BUT really ask – is redemption truly possible in this situation?) 

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