We know to measure what matters.  We have Key Performance Indicators.  We have dashboards.  We have goals.  We have milestones to the goals.  We have action items.  We have spreadsheets and checklists.  And yet, almost all of these exist on a computer, inside a metal box and hidden until we pop open the screen.  And then there’s the tabs, oh so many tabs.  And to look at one chart you have to move away from another – flipping back and forth to compare.

Create a Mission Control Room – or a Mission Control Wall – to weekly publicly and visibly track your key statistics – making sure to capture both your lead and lag indicators (lead – actions to get to the goal, lag – measurable progress on the goal itself.)

Get white boards, cork boards, TV screens, flip chart paper – whatever works for your team’s workspace.  And if your team is remote, then request that each team member have their own replica of “the wall” with updates tracked by them.  Regardless, make it 3D – yes, we’re going “old school” to make your team more productive.  By making the measurable reality of your organization tangible – you’re not only creating transparency, but tremendous clarity on which your team members can take meaningful action.  Rather than hoping, wondering, sensing or even “thinking” that something’s working – they’ll actually know.

Weekly gather around the data and evaluate the progress, or lack thereof.

  • What moved? What didn’t?  Any notable patterns?
  • What worked and why? What didn’t work and why?
  • How are we adjusting based on the data?
  • What are we starting, stopping or continuing?

Measuring isn’t enough.  You have to visibly track progress and together evaluate and discern – what is the data telling us?

Here’s to making your team more productive!

Team Building Exercise:

Here’s an idea on how to have your team acknowledge and appreciate the super introverts on your team who would be eschew any public display of affection – create a “Valentine’s Box.” Remember back in grade school when we would decorate our shoeboxes with doilies and hearts and then receive mini-valentine’s from our classmates?  Same idea.  However you decorate the box for the team member and have the team insert their thoughtful notes of acknowledgement and appreciation. Then give it to your valued team member to enjoy in the privacy of their own office or home.  I highly recommend this to celebrate a super introvert’s work anniversary.