You know what to do, you’re just afraid to do it. Days go by, sometimes weeks and even months. Yes it’s uncomfortable. Yes it may not make everyone thrilled with you. So next time you find yourself avoiding the difficult conversation or the difficult action consider one of these:

1.What you are committed to creating through this organization is bigger than you and certainly bigger than your fear.
2.Your fear is causing you to lose credibility like sand through an hourglass for every minute you wait.
3.The livelihood of the rest of your team depends on you being in action.
4.Tap into your intention, tap into why this is important.
5.Ask yourself, what has been the impact/pain of inaction – in time, energy, emotion and wealth?
6.If it’s a difficult conversation with another person about their performance, be a stand for who you know they have the potential to be.
7.Breathe deep and simply say what is – be clear, concise, candid and kind.
8.If you know something needs to be done, but you don’t know what to do – start by being curious, what do you need to know to move forward?
9.Should you still choose to wait, you’re murdering time and wasting human contribution – in essence, life.
10.Relief, empowerment and progress await you on the other side.