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Learn from the Best: 6 Keys to an Extraordinary Culture

In just 3 years, they went from being in the top 20% of companies in the United States for company culture to the top 5%.  And their dedication hasn’t waned.  Last week I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Craig Dexheimer, the Director of Operations & Administration at Sálo, Oberon & NumberWorks based out of Minneapolis, MN.  Dex Read more >

What does the Office Refrigerator say about your Employee Culture?

Eeewwww.  Grooosss.  (Never mind the fuzzy green moldy stuff, how about seepage of who knows what dripping between the racks.)

Yeah, I’ve seen those office fridges.  Dare I say, way back in the day when I was young and reckless, I even contributed to those fridges.

And I’ve seen the clean tidy ones.

The office cultural va Read more >

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