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Culture Hack: Increase Your Team’s Morale in 90 Seconds

Morale informs your team’s confidence, enthusiasm and discipline.  Morale is the energetic context within which they get the work done.

Let’s say you look around your office and it’s feeling a bit sluggish, meh or ho hum.  How can you quickly change that energy force field?

Surprise your team and put on some music.

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But Kris, You can’t make everyone happy.

There seems to be THE great excuse.

When I ask HR folks if they feel the employees at their company are happy, I often don’t get a direct answer.

And the answer I get is this – Well there’s always that one employee who will never be happy no matter what you do.

And then there’s a chuckle.  And if I’m with a group of HR folks there is the n Read more >

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