Culture Change

Warm Fuzzies or Sludge and Drudge? YOU be the CHOOSER

Consumer = somebody who consumes.  Mmm…do I like being called a “consumer” – not so much.  A buyer?  A purchaser?  Nope.  And while yes, I’m a customer, client etc. there is this unique piece where there is an exchange of money for a product or service that in essence is defined today as consumerism.  Hence consumer.

But in many ways, we simpl Read more >

A Dream Come True

On Friday, November 30, 2007 the idea of Choose People was born. I was sitting in the Market coffee shop in downtown Denver, wishing there was a way I could prove to my clients that my company went above and beyond for our employees and that that was something I wanted my customers to seriously consider in their purchasing decisio Read more >

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