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Why Nice Teams Finish Last

My brother-in-law recently got a job in retail sales of satellite TV.  Here’s a psychological trick he was taught – ask the nice young couple who has stepped into the big box store to follow you, and as you ask, turnaround and walk away with your back towards them.  Invariably they will follow you even if they have no interest in what you’ Read more >

Critical to Your Team’s Culture: Equal Air Time

In researching what makes successful teams, Google’s “Project Aristotle” found psychological safety was key.  A group norm that supports psychological safety is  “equality in distribution of conversational turn-taking.”  Meaning, everyone has more or less equal air-time by the end of the day.  “If only one person or a small group spoke all the time Read more >

What do you mean by happy?

Happy.  Happy!! Happy?

I was asked here recently, “Kris, what do you mean by happy when you talk about happy employees?”  Which was followed by –  “Our philosophy is that at the end of the day we’re all responsible for our own sense of happiness.  That in essence, no one can ‘make’ us happy.”  I agree.  So how is it that Choose People purports t Read more >

Symptoms of Unhappy Employees

A CEO asked me the other day – how do I know if I have unhappy employees?  While this may seem obvious, employees to protect their own interests often hide their feelings of frustration from their supervisor or top executives.  What I can tell you is that it IS obvious if you have happy employees.  People don’t hide joy.  So chances are if you Read more >

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