Departmental Silos Series

Empowering Fridays at 3:00: How to Have Effective Team Meetings

If your team works a traditional schedule, the last two hours of the work week are often a waste, but they don’t have to be. You can hold effective, weekly team meetings on Friday afternoons by celebrating wins, evaluating opportunities and setting everyone up for success the following week.  Even though mindsets have shifted towards the weekend, p Read more >

What Does Team Mean?

Just recently I had someone share the idea of being team as compared to being part of a team.

We didn’t have time to talk further, and yet when they said it, I was taken – and so I’ve been left to evaluate why this resonated for me so deeply and wanted to share some thoughts in case this lands as compelling for you and your tea Read more >

Retention 2.0: Proactively Communicate Departures of Team Members

Know that how you handle the departure of a team member is mission critical to your cultural integrity.  As part of the employee life cycle in your organization, you need to honor departure with the same depth as you do arrival.

If someone is leaving your organization due to life circumstances and choices — appreciate and acknowledge their cont Read more >

Goals or KPIs? Why Your Culture Needs Both.

I’ve seen many organizations make the cultural mistake of either collapsing goals and key performance indicators (KPIs), or focusing on just one.

You need both.  If you just have goals, you’re missing daily motivating momentum and focus.  If you have only key performance indicators, you’re missing inspiringRead more >

Flexibility or Autonomy? And what about employees who are line-workers?

There seems to be a lot of literature around how to create a flexible work environment for knowledge workers – as mentioned in my last blog there’s the ROWE (results only work environment) that has increasingly become popular where employees are encouraged to work where they want, when they want and how they want as long as they achieve results.

Read more >

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