Employee Lifecycle

Don’t Promote Your Employee Rockstars* – Instead "Create Heroes in Every Role"

You read the best business book.  You underlined some things.  Hopefully you effectively put in place the most valuable of those that were underlined.  And then you move on to the next best business book.

Then years later, you pick up that book and reread some of your underlined passages and BAM – there’s the golden nugget you didn’t need as muc Read more >

Healthcare Benefits – Requirement to be a Choose People Company?

As of late, I have had many people ask, “Do potential Choose People companies have to provide health care to be eligible?”

Drum roll please….


No?  Is often the response I receive.  No.  And there are several reasons why health care benefits are NOT a requirement for becoming a Choose People company.

My personal belief is that ever Read more >

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