Employer Trust

Retention 2.0: Proactively Communicate Departures of Team Members

Know that how you handle the departure of a team member is mission critical to your cultural integrity.  As part of the employee life cycle in your organization, you need to honor departure with the same depth as you do arrival.

If someone is leaving your organization due to life circumstances and choices — appreciate and acknowledge their cont Read more >

So you’re buying a business…something you haven’t thought of

If you’re buying a business there are a many factors you’re assessing – looking at past performance as well as potential future success.

When looking at the potential upside, have you asked yourself what kind of culture would I be inheriting?

Let me give you a simple analogy –

When you inherit an extraordinary culture, you have a state of Read more >

So how do you turn an employee culture around? 1st Step

After presenting to an MBA class at Denver University, I was asked the following question by a young woman who’s a manager at a restaurant that is having major employee morale issues:  So how do you turn an employee culture around?

On Monday I included a very perceptive quote from Howard Schultz of Starbucks: “People have come to me over the yea Read more >

When Pinching an Employee Penny Costs So Much More

Recently a good friend of mine gave 5 weeks notice at a small business where she’s worked 4 years.  She gave ample notice because she enjoyed where she worked, respected her employer, and knew that her skills were ones that would not be easily replaced.  She knew she would be needed to train the new hire.  (You might ask, if she was a “happy employ Read more >

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