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Extinguish Exhaustion from Eggshells

I find that in my workplace culture work, there’s a tremendous amount of time and energy spent hoping and trying not to hurt someone’s feelings or upset someone.  Likely, a particular someone.

Perhaps you feel this way. If you do, may I suggest…

You can’t walk on eggshells – really, try it.  Crunch, crunch, and because you can’t help yourself Read more >

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How to Get Buy In From Employees

Ever feel like your team is simply placating you?  Telling you what you want to hear?

That’s because they probably are.

Sometimes it can simply look like a lack of responsiveness or sound like crickets – where you ask for your team’s input, feedback and suggestions and you get zilch (except from that one team member who always sp Read more >

Meaningful Appreciation – 7 Key Characteristics

We know that appreciation and acknowledgement of those who help us is important in all aspects of our lives, and yet in the workplace we struggle with gratitude the most.  Do you say thank you for the obvious – “thanks for coming in on time?”  If you thank one person, do you need to thank the one sitting next to them too?  Do I need to write a than Read more >

Listen to their Crumbs

“It’s no big deal, but I just thought you might want to know…”

“It’s not that important, but I heard…”

“I know you’re really busy, so I don’t want to take up too much time, but I wanted to share…”

“Uh, do you have a minute?  I can come back – I’m sure you’re really busy.  No really, I can come back later – it’s neither here nor there.”

Read more >

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