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Generational Differences

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Resolving Conflict at Work: Start with Just the Facts


Is that so?

Usually conflict at work arises out of a misunderstanding in what actually happened.

Without facts, without dialogue to uncover what actually happened, assumption swoops in to fill in the gaps.

Most common are assumptions such as what one person thinks the other person did, feels the oth Read more >

Top 3 Ways on How to Work with Millennials

“We love our millennials!”  I heard this from two companies this week.  This had me smile from ear to ear.  It would seem the tide is turning.  Companies are starting to get how to work with millennials.

For those who aren’t – they’re still stuck.  Stuck in ageism and assumptions based on generational stereotypes.  Asking biased questions li Read more >

Polarizing Politics and Shared Humanity

Disheartened. That’s how I was feeling a few weeks ago when I heard two friends dig in their heels and GO AT IT. There was no love, no generosity, just pure righteousness, frustration and commitment.  Commitment to their values and their beliefs – that led them to feel more divided than ever.

It left me feeling Read more >

A Simple Exercise to Increase Retention and Camaraderie

All of my culture work and guidance falls under three pillars: having your team feel that they are known, they matter and they are included.

The exercise I’m going to share with you supports the second two pillars.  It deepens mutual respect by clarifying what it means and what it looks like to support co-workers in feeling a sense of belonging. Read more >

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