Integrating Cultures

7 Reasons to Run from Employee Recognition Programs – Fast!!

Why I highly recommend NOT doing formal employee recognition programs:

1)      It can easily be put on the back burner and then become a source of resentment and loss of trust in management

2)      If you do follow-through on a regular basis, it can become stale and lose its intended effectiveness

3)      It creates an us vs. them within y Read more >

One Manager’s Mishaps – What Not to Do

My friend’s husband is an avid runner.  He also has serious work ethic – definitely the kind of person you want on your team.  Lastly, he’s a brand new dad.

He started a new job a few months ago at a new health care/fitness facility for a hospital.  He’s in on time.  And he leaves on time so he can take care of his new child while his wife goes Read more >

How do you create a Lovemark?

Ed Goodman, Chief Experience Officer of Spiral Experiences shared with me today the term “Lovemark” – where customers say “I love that company/that product/that service.”

Part of creating a true blue Lovemark – not just a “brand” is to have your employees say “I love coming to work here.”  And here’s what’s interesting – it’s as important, if no Read more >

The Cherry On Top of Organizational Change

We’re making a change!  Aren’t you excited!

What do you mean, not so much?

zzzzzzzzzz (the painful squeak of air seeping out of the balloon)

But we the management team have been thinking of this for months, mulling it over, tweaking it, being very considerate and thoughtful – thinking of the impact, thinking of the vision.   How do you not Read more >

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