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Do Your People Feel Appreciated?

Do your people feel appreciated?

If you haven’t praised them for doing good work in the last week, they likely don’t, according to Gallup’s extensive Q12 researchRead more >

Real Strength in Vulnerability: 18 Key Phrases

You would be AMAZED at how choosing to be genuinely vulnerable with others is incredibly empowering. It actually speaks to your strength of character. There’s nothing else that creates a quicker connection nor a more healthy opening for genuine interaction and effective solutioning than choosing to be vulnerable.

The next time you’re at a Read more >

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How to Reign in and Support the Employee Who Gives Too Much Detail

I have several clients who have a great hard working employee who drives them bonkers in meetings simply because s/he gives too much detail causing a 10 minute touch base to easily expand into an hour long energy sucking experience.

Of course this isn’t the employee’s intention.

More likely the employee is simply looking for reassu Read more >

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