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Show Your Team Some REAL Love this Valentine’s Day

Skip the pink frosted cupcakes and awkward “Be Mine” valentines. Contrary to popular belief, these don’t make employees happy nor do they contribute to making a great company culture.

Instead, here’s how to show your team some real deal love.

1) Gather your team for 30 minutes. Have them draw a vertical line down a Read more >

Top 3 Toughest Culture Challenges – And 3 Simple Solutions

Need help with culture challenges? You’re not alone. Every organization has its own flavor of issues, however, these three stand out as the most common for many teams:

Gossip: People talk about one another behind one another’s backs.

Apathy: A true sense that people don’t really care. They’re just going t Read more >

The 5 Best Employee Holiday Gifts

Funeral. Yep. That’s what if felt like at his company’s Christmas party last night. The company tried. They had the best intentions. They even dropped some serious cash. But the lackluster-gray-oddly-lit-no music-rubber chicken dinner did not inspire cheer nor a desire to spend another year at this company. This was definitely not one of the be Read more >

“Speak To the Heart and the Mind Will Follow.”*

Think about this simple statement.  And what it means for your communication with your team.

If our hearts believe it, our minds will justify it.

We will find (sometimes even create) the needed evidence to support the beliefs of our hearts.  Our minds can talk ourselves into and out of just about anything.  However what we Read more >

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