Management Quickstart

What Would Grandma Betty Do?

She’s 90.

My husband’s Grandma Betty is 90.

And today we’re in Cabo San Lucas celebrating her – a woman whose family absolutely adores her.  At 80 she got her first (and only) tattoo.  At 86 her grin spread wide while she rode on an inner tube behind a speed boat.  A couple years ago she gave all 43 of Read more >

Lift Your Team’s Spirits – Leverage Music, Story and Humor

While my penchant is for systemic change and not quick fixes, occasionally you just need a little somethin’ somethin’ to rally the team and lift their spirits.   Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut or it’s been a rough week – regardless, leverage the power of music, story and humor to add some sparkle to your workplace.

Music is probably the easiest – Read more >

5 Steps to Communicate to Your Team You’re Letting Someone Go

Photo FYI: Perhaps a Freudian slip – regardless, NOT the way to communicate to your team.

After you fire someone, you assume the worst is over. The good news – it probably is. However you still need to communicate to the rest of your department/team who remains. When you let someone go, it’s super important to immediately communicat Read more >

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