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Stop Awkward Silence: How to get team input, feedback and participation in team meetings


Are you tired of asking your team in a meeting for their input and all you get is crickets?  Or you only keep getting that one person speaking up?

If you feel like your team is filibustering meetings through silence, there’s a good chance your team simply doesn’t feel comfortable speaking up in front of groups.*  Here’s a few ways Read more >

How to Get Buy In From Employees

Ever feel like your team is simply placating you?  Telling you what you want to hear?

That’s because they probably are.

Sometimes it can simply look like a lack of responsiveness or sound like crickets – where you ask for your team’s input, feedback and suggestions and you get zilch (except from that one team member who always sp Read more >

Retention 2.0: Proactively Communicate Departures of Team Members

Know that how you handle the departure of a team member is mission critical to your cultural integrity.  As part of the employee life cycle in your organization, you need to honor departure with the same depth as you do arrival.

If someone is leaving your organization due to life circumstances and choices — appreciate and acknowledge their cont Read more >

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