Onboarding Employees

The Power of We – No Opera Singers Please

We is the word you want to hear when you are interviewing someone.  You want them to see themselves as having been part of a team.  You want them to give credit to those who helped them get to where they are.  If all you hear is “I” statements you may have found yourself a prima-donna.

“Me” is also another one to avoid.  You don’t need an opera Read more >

Employee Turnover – New Strategy Needed as Health Care Golden Handcuffs Gone

Regardless of your opinion about the new health care bill, one thing is for sure:  come 2014 when all Americans are required to have health insurance, those employees who have stayed in abusive or dead end jobs due to the golden handcuffs of health insurance are planning a grand exodus.

If you’re a business owner that has leaned heavily on your Read more >

Extremely Valuable Human Resources Tool: Living Wage Calculator

When Choose People was being formed the criteria for consideration was wide ranged to say the least.  And one of the critical factors that stuck out, but hasn’t been incorporated yet was the concept of “living wage.”

Having participated in a campaign in Colorado called “Pathways Past Poverty” it was painfully and insanely clear that many full ti Read more >

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